The company was founded in the early 1950s by Aniello D'Avino.

F.lli D'Avino S.p.A.

The history of the D'Avino company begins in the late 1915s.
Biagio De Simone, father-in-law of Aniello D'Avino, created a craftsmanship for the processing of stockfish and codfish.
In that context, Aniello D'Avino moves his first steps of apprenticeship and technical knowledge for perfect product processing.
In the early 1950s, driven by its entrepreneurial spirit, it set the first pillars of today's business, creating the "D'Avino Aniello" individual firm.
Over the years, its commercial pursuit led the company to strong growth and stability to make it known for its seriousness and professionalism throughout the South.


In the 70's and 80's, Vincenzo and Biagio's two sons gradually became interested in society, who, following the footprints and example of their father, and strong in their youthful pursuit, with the help of new technologies, both in materials Working and sanitary, and never abandon the traditional way of processing stockfish and codfish, wisely lead society to become the current F.lli D'Avino SpA

The Business Structure

Import-Export prodotti ittici

The headquarters and main establishment are located in Somma Vesuviana, Naples.

A complex of about 8.000 mq :

covered, for the processing
of stockfish and codfish

Intended for cold storage
and storage of the products

Baccalà - Stoccafisso

For more than twenty years the company is present in the CO.M.IT

Wholesale Fish Market Consortium of Turin

for commercial management throughout the country.


F.lli D'Avino S.p.A., Import-Export fish products, is present on most of the national territory.
Importer mainly of cod and stockfish, it specializes in the marketing of fishery products and their processing.

Due to the growing demand for desalination cod and stockfish refused by restaurants, the new plant will increase the processing and packaging of the products in various sizes, thus pledging to expand and enlarge the department involved in the preparation of the soaked product and to its commercialization in both fresh and frozen state.


  • Via Stillo, 22 - 80049
    Somma Vesuviana - Italy