Processing steps

F.lli D'Avino S.p.A. for more than three generations, continues to work the Stockfish and Codfish with traditional methods,
in compliance with hygiene and health standards.
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Processing of stockfish

The stockfish, as soon as it arrives in the Company, is placed in a refrigerator cell 0° +4°.
For processing, the stockfish is transferred to special places where fins are removed and dumped in plastic tanks, per 100 kg of product per 600 liters of water; The tanks are then placed for 24 hours in a refrigerator at 4° +10°C.
Next, you remove the spine, belly and other unwanted parts of the fish. These parts, called "trippa" or "gizzard", are sought after by a certain category of consumers.
The stockfish, divided into two parts with a longitudinal cut, is divided into tanks containing drinking water.
During the working phase, an added dose of calcium hydroxide (E 526) is added to the drinking water, in which the stockfish is left for 24-48 hours, depending on the capacity for fish rehydration, for the operation called "staining" that precedes the operation of the "governed", that is, the addition of an added dose of sodium bicarbonate (E 500).
The stockfish is cut into "mussillo or cureniello", the dorsal portion, and in the "slice or bacon" the ventral portion.

For a good soaking of the stockfish, 14/15 working days are needed to be ready for sale.
Baccala hydration technology

In the first processing step, excess salt is removed by washing and immersing it in plastic tubs for 600 liters of drinking water per 100 kg of cod.
The tank, with its contents, is transferred to a refrigerating cell where it remains until the next day at a temperature of about +4°C, then the tank is emptied and the product is placed in a new bath, It contains drinking water, and kept here for another 24 hours at + 4°C.
At this point, the codfish is partially softened and brought to the cutting room where it stays at a temperature of +13-14°C for the time necessary to cut off the various "mussillo and bacon" pieces.
The sealed codfish remains for a further 24 hours in drinking water in a refrigerator room at +4°C.

The cod to be ready, requires 3/5 working days, depending on the small or large size.


The company is present on most of the national territory.
Importer mainly of cod and stockfish and codfish, it specializes in the marketing of fishery products and their processing.
Due to the growing demand for desalination cod and stockfish refused by restaurants, the new plant will increase the processing and packaging of the products in various sizes, thus pledging to expand and enlarge the department involved in the preparation of the soaked product and to its commercialization in both fresh and frozen state.


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